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French workers strike… again.

Over the last two months more than four Transit and Energy strikes have wreaked havoc all over France. Workers protesting the proposed increase in the retirement age from 60 to 62 walked off their jobs in oil refinery’s, train stations and even from the Eiffel Tower. Most of those strikes, however, lasted no more than a day whereas this latest walkout threatens to stretch on for weeks.
So far President Sarkozy and the the French Government have refused to bow to rising pressure from the national unions. Labor leaders, however, say the strikes will continue until the workers aims are achieved.
In practical terms, this latest walkout has some serious implications for European travelers. Eurostar and the SNCF, major European rail providers, reported that most of their lines are running at less than 50% of the usual number of trains. Air travel was also seriously disrupted as many flights in the past two days have been canceled or delayed. It is important for travelers to keep these disruptions in mind when planning excursions in or out of the country.
Here in Strasbourg, the number of trams in operation today was extremely limited. While this was a mere annoyance for my friends and myself,I can just imagine what it would be like for daily commuters.


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