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Place Gutenberg

Though he was born in the German city of Mainz in 1399, Johannes Gutenberg made his most important contributions to the literary world as a resident of Strasbourg.

In 1411, an uprising in Mainz forced the Gutenberg family to flee their hometown to the west. Not much is known about Gutenberg for the next 15 years except that he may have studied at the University of Erfurt. The next time he resurfaces is in a letter that places him in Strasbourg. It was here, in the suburb of St. Arbogast that Gutenberg is believed to have researched and perfected some of his most important innovations. The movable type, oil based ink and the first printing press were all conceived presumably while Gutenberg lived in a house just off the city center.

Today, in old town Strasbourg, Place Gutenberg is one of the most visited areas of the city. Located just west of the Notre Dame Cathedral and right along the A/D Tram lines the square is usually at the center of the action on any given day. There is a thrice weekly book fair that brings dozens of dealers selling everything from first edition antiques to cheap paper backs.

The square is also a huge draw for families because of its huge old fashioned carousel, and the famous Christmas Market that is held here, beginning in November.

If you’re in the city visiting and have access to a computer, I would recommend going to http://www.otstrasbour.fr to see what festivals and fairs may be happening during your stay.


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